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A breath of fresh air at Made Expo 2017 - "Something New"

Lupak Metal, Italian manufacturer of external shading systems, is proud to present you its last news, launched in preview for the event MADE Expo 2017.

This is an UPGRADE to Lupak Metal’s actual product range, which aspires to improve the aesthetic and performance of each system.

Lupak Metal exceeds the traditional idea of External Venetian Blinds: besides the total control of light and the reduction of energy consumption, it introduces products with a practical and refined design, aimed to characterise the aesthetic  of any type of building, both under construction or renovation.

The flexibility of the company allows the satisfaction of any kind of request, such as being able to reach remarkable dimensions or to produce custom-made products.

After studying the quality of the materials and the particular shapes, the systems have an excellent wind resistance, able to reach up to 140 km/h.

Well-organized, reliable and flexible, LUPAK METAL faces the market not only by investing on technical knowledge, thanks to the creation of the R&D department, but also on the people who work in the company every day, showing passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

Development, technical know-how and craftsmanship enable LUPAK METAL to offer a full and excellent assistance and elegant and high quality products, which achieved patents at international level.
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