[ Lume ] Venetian packing-up blinds with chain system


Every time we visit our vendors and professionals, such as architects and design studios, they express the need for a “complete and all-embracing” product. Our partners require something resistant, durable, safe, functional, elegant and easy to install. Since a year and half we have the external venetian blind that combines all needs: LUME. After 3 years of research and design studies, LUME represents the technological evolution of blinds with chain systems.
It is very distinctive from other competing products and every characteristic explains the obtained interest and success. Many highlight the sturdiness and security of the slats in extruded aluminium 13/10, but it is not just about this feature: LUME has many more!
It boasts international patents, regarding the unique fastening system for slats, which is completely invisible from outside. This permits to adjust the length of each slat on your own, saving valuable time and avoiding unnecessary transport costs.
Another important characteristic is the complete rotation of the slats, from 0 to 87°, at every intermediate position and height, which has never occurred with the other chain systems. The astonishing resistance of LUME has no competitors in the actual market.
The test realised at the certifying institution showed that the breaking pressure reached 930 PA, which is approximately 140 km/h on a blind of 3000x3000 dimensions.
  • Extruded aluminium slats
  • Self supporting side rail guides in extruded aluminium
  • Maximum surface 9 sqm
  • Adjustable slats at any angle and height
  • Darkening up to 92%

Exclusive features:
  • Extruded aluminium slats 13/10
  • Slat fastening invisible from outside
  • Possibility to adjust slats length on building site
  • Breaking pressure of about 140 km/h  on 3000x3000 dimensions
  • New continuous chain system integrated in the rail guides
  • Tilting slats 0°-87° at any angle and height
  • Emergency release latch of slats from lifting mechanism
  • Slats are secured in every position
  • Mechanical components in stainless steel and aluminium
  • Maximum length (BK) 3000 mm
  • Adjustment system for side rail guides
  • Adjustable rubber on last slat for closing to threshold
  • Great resistance to impacts from hail and bad weather conditions
  • Painted accessories
  • Fall arrest system

LUME in brief

Features excellent security, best technology features, unique in its kind
Slats in extruded aluminium, width 96,7 mm, with rubber for noise reduction – thickness 1,30 mm
Side rail guides dim. 80x55 mm, self-supporting, in extruded aluminium, with rubber for noise reduction
Colours 8 standard + on request
Beaufort scale wind resistance breaking pressure of 930 Pa, which is approximately 140km/h

LUME Projects

Spinimbecco (VR)
Sasso Marconi (BO)
Lago Maggiore (VA)
Lugo (RA)
Venetico (ME)

Technical brochures

Available colours
Table of values g tot - energy transmission coefficient and Resistance to wind load
LUME with motor operations and Modulation of slats
Recommended solutions for embedded rail guides and Correct measures of rail guides installation
Out of alignments and tolerances
Table of guide holes and Hole’s measurement point
Supplied accessories
Types of installation of single blinds
Types of installation of coupled blinds
Fixing accessories
Front cover panels
Technical specifications
Tabella appacchettamenti e Tabella dimensioni.pdf
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