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Improving Building design through light effects and External Venetian Blinds

The obvious choice of External Venetian blinds in contemporary architecture, besides being thermal regulators of glass windows in warm periods and quantity and quality controllers of internal light, is made because the systems have become key elements of the architectural composition in projects, enhancing a perspective vitality to the building, both during day and night times.
Since most of the projects I design are characterised by wide facades (considering width and height as well), the preference was directed to External Venetian Blind systems not only for the perfect aesthetic, but also for the possibility of producing out-of-standard sizes and the high quality and durability of all the components, especially of the non-visible ones. This is why I choose Lupak Metal, the Italian company which is able to customise all their products, based on architectural and technical requirements of projects; the staff can provide made-to-measure solutions with impeccable results.
Arch. Andrea Cortesi
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