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the production

A perfect combination of development, technology and craftsmanship
The whole Lupak Metal’s manufacturing process happens in Italy: certified members of the staff assemble our systems, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology and the painstaking attention to detail the workers use.

It faces the market not only by investing on technical knowledge, but also on the people who work in the different departments every day, showing passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

Development, technical know-how and craftsmanship all enable LUPAK METAL to offer high-quality products and full and excellent assistance.

high quality products and attention to detail

Due to attention to detail, tailor-made design and the selection of only the best materials on the market, Lupak Metal is a recognized and high quality brand.

The  slats in aluminium alloy have curved edges. The Z-shape type is provided with a rubber profile for noise reduction, which enhances sturdiness, elegance, a simple light/heat management and a darkening percentage up to 90%. The C-shape slats are characterised by essential design and the blackout percentage reaches 75%. The system with extruded aluminium slats, besides being supplied with rubber profile on each slat, are the most resistant, with an elegant design and a perfect regulation of heat and light.

quality control

Lupak Metal is able to ensure you a safe and reliable product because of its accurate and careful quality control, which runs through all the steps of the production and installation procedures.
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