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R&D: Research and Development.
Our market is rapidly changing and innovation is the key to success in this field. Thanks to our Research and Development department (R&D), Lupak Metal has been able to meet any requests from our conscious customers.

Lume as revolutionary project

Lume is the product that best represents the innovation perspective of the company. It is a revolutionary product conceived by an extraordinary project that achieved

4 patents.
  1. Tilting slat 0°-87° at any angle.
  2. New Slat fastening clip system, invisible from outside.
  3. Adjustable rubber on last slat for a perfect closing on threshold anti-lifting and anti-crushing systems
  4. Certified wind resistant: Breaking Pressure at 140 km/h on dimension 3000x3000 mm
  5. Emergency unfastening device of slats from lifting mechanism.
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