[ Benefits of external venetian blind ]

Long lasting product

excellent performances, great lightness and suitable for any kind of building
Thanks to its simple structure in horizontal slats in different thicknesses and materials in roll-formed aluminium or extruded aluminium 13/10, this blind ensures design and resistance. It achieves unique performances against atmospheric agents like hail and wind. No extraordinary maintenance is needed. Just a quick season cleaning.

Energy efficiency

energy efficiency external venetian blind: efficient sunlight management
The need to limit the increasing energy consumption is a topic of deep concern to modern society. The shortage of environmental resources and over-consumption requires devices to promote energy efficiency.

Sunblinds are in this regard one of the most efficient devices in sunlight management. They ensure reduction of radiations coming through windows by reflecting a part outside.
Cost reduction in heating and air conditioning
By tilting the slats angle the incoming light can be regulated according to one’s needs. Sunblinds must be properly tilted in order to optimize the amount of incoming sun radiations. Slats can be easily regulated both through motor and manual operation, in order to ensure the required benefit. Motor operation is suitable for smart connected houses.

By regulating the incoming light and limiting energy consumption of the building an external venetian blind is a convenient device to reduce costs of heating and air conditioning. External venetian blinds are the most efficient solar protection in wooden houses and class A+ houses.

Light management

light regulation optimization of seasonal light performance
Sunblinds play a more and more significant role in planning houses and work places.
The main purpose is to profit of existing resources, ensuring high comfort indoor, optimizing solar energy by reducing consumption, but meeting at the same time the need of daylight and contact with the outdoors.
Sunlight efficiency can be optimized by tilting the slats of an external venetian blind. In wintertime the incoming sunlight improves the comfort indoor. In summertime it is important to prevent sunlight dazzling.

Air management

More benefits for the house and household
Thanks to a little air passage between slat and window frame the external venetian blind ensures house insulation in wintertime and a pleasant wellness sensation.

A good internal ventilation is very important in summertime by tilting slats and ensuring blackout.
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