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external venetian blinds meet automation systems

House automation, from the ancient latin word domus (house) and robotic (automation), is an interdisciplinary science, which is in constant research of new technologies to improve our daily lives at home.

Modern houses are increasingly embracing automation systems for better performance and further solutions of common facilities, improving energy consumption and enabling several functions to merge together, such as control, comfort, security, energy saving and communication.

Some devices are able to get connected by plugging the station in and a working internet connection through a specific APP on your phone , at home or away: in just a few seconds you will be able to control every element from the screen of your phone and through an APP, you can manage the opening or closure of external venetian blinds to create your own scenarios, set the security alarm, reduce energy waste and make your daily life easier.

house automation

Lupak Metal’s external venetian blinds, brand new or already installed, can be set up with house automation if motorised.
Every system will be able to respond to your commands with a simple click on a device you choose.
There are different ways to control your blinds: wireless wall controls, multichannel remote controls to manage one or more systems at once, and the use of both solutions.
Moreover our External Venetian Blinds are able to become a part of your smart house, responding to automated controls or light sensors, to offer you the best comfort: the slats can be shut when it gets dark or when the wind blows, but they can also open up when the sun rises or at scheduled time.
Wind sensor
in case of strong wind your external venetian blind will be raised to secure position.
Sun sensor
external venetian blinds tilt according to sun position avoiding radiations.
device for opening or closing your external venetian blind at scheduled times.
management of incoming light according to your needs.
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